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          23M Mooring boat
          Date:2020Years  3Month  6Day Browse[3020]


          This mooring boat is mainly used for anchoring and anchoring of large-scale engineering ships, hoisting sand-blowing pipes and short-haul towing of ships

          Main dimensions:
          Loa. :                        22.50m
          Molded breadth :        9.00m
          Molded depth:            2.50m
          Full load draft :           1.45m
          Displacement :     abt.236.00ton
          Tank capacity:
          Fuel oil tank:         ~12.00m3
          Fresh water tank : ~110.00m3
          Main parameters:
          Bollard pull :         6.00ton (ahead)
          Speed :                      7.5 knots
          Endurance :               12 hours
          Crew:                          4  person
          Classification society:CCS
          Deck equipments:
          Anchor:one set 280kg
          hydraulic folding arm crane:
          one set 63KN@10M
          One set of hydraulic windlass@300KN
          One set of towing hook@80KN
          Machinery equipments:
          Main engine: 
          Cummins China KTA19-M470
          Two sets, 315kw@1744r/min
          Electric start
          Gen. set:

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