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          Venezuela 42T Tugboat Construction Project has begun Officially
          Date:2015Years  5Month  19Day Browse[6334]

              A year's plan starts with spring. with a deafening roar of festive firecrackers, Shenzhou company holds a "Venezuela 42T tug construction project " celebration activity in the company berth on the morning of March 26, 2015. This marks that the first six ships of 10 42T tug which Shenzhou company constructs for the Venezuelan government are started to be constructed in Bengbu city officially!
              The tug construction project is signed a cooperation agreement by Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery Co. Ltd and China Shipbuilding Trading Company(CSSC).These ten 26M steel ASD tugs stated in the contract will be exported to   Venezuela. It is understood that this batch of products are designed by Guangzhou ship and Marine Engineering Research Institute and are supervised by American Bureau of Shipping (China) Co., Ltd. The products are produced with advanced technology and superior performance.
              The president, general manager Wang Liuwu of Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery Co.Ltd presided over the ceremony. Zhang Jinming,general manager of China Shipbuilding Trading Company,and Jujin who is Dean of Guangzhou ship and marine engineering design and Research Institute,and Li Zengyi who is Business Director of  American Bureau of Shipping (China) Co.Ltd Greater China and other relevant leadership participate in the ceremony.
              About 200 people including the relevant departments which are responsible for the construction project in Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery Co.Ltd,workshop and representatives of construction team witness to this moment be bursting with happiness!
                                               Venezuela 42T Tug Construction Project Ceremony Site
                       China Shipbuilding Trading Company Business Department General manager
                            Mr. Zhang Jinming being introducing the Project Cooperation Situation
                         Mr. Jujin who is Dean of Guangzhou Ship and Marine Engineering Design 
                            and Research Institute being introducing the Project Design Situation
                Mr.Li Zengyi who is Business Director of  American Bureau of Shipping (China) Co.Ltd Greater
                                  China requests to the Supervision and Quality Management
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