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          36m ASD tugboat
          Date:2012Years  8Month  18Day Browse[6349]

          The vessel is all steel welded structure, with a single deck, single bottom ( part of double bottom ), continuous flat deck, midship deckhouse, raked bow, a transom. The main engine used 2 sets of LB8250ZLC-6 on marine diesel engine, rudder paddle by Suzhou marine machinery limited company SRP1850 rudder paddle devices. Good towing push capability, stability, operation performance. Mainly used to assist large vessels for towing and pushing operations in port and class A navigation area in Chinese inland rive. its stability meet the coastal marine towing operations, port operation specification; stability meet the towing operations requirements in inland navigation area . class into CCS .
          总 长(length 0.A)  36.20m 主   机  1324kw×2
          垂线间长(length B.P)  31.20m 船 员(crew)  14人
          型 宽(molded breadth  9.80m 航 区(navigation area)  近海
          型 深(molded depth)  4.40m 续航力 >900海里
          吃 水(draft)  3.20m 系柱拖力(bollard pull)  ≥45t
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